Each month, Eric sits down with a member of the Follower to Fan Society to talk about THEIR Instagram success! During this interview, you’ll hear from members of our community who are seeing epic success on the ‘gram. Expect to learn how their fully harnessing the power of Instagram Stories, showing up on Instagram Live, selling in their DMs, growing their following, and more!

ftf sessions launch JANUARY 20, 2019

january 2019 | kristyn burney | Instagram live market

Kristyn’s journey in the creative industry began over 20 years ago when she became a freelance hairdresser in South Florida. She continued on that path for the next 17 years of her life until she and her husband relocated to the Atlanta area so she could stay home and raise their 2 children. It was then that she realized she was not ready to throw in her creative biz towel just yet. She knew she didn't want to go back to work and exhaust herself the way she was before. So, she started Cut Up and Dyed Pillow Co. It was a way for her to keep in contact with her ex hairdressing customers, via social media, and still sell them a product. Fast forward to today, she is consistently and successfully selling her handmade goods using Instagram. She hosts seasonal Live Markets (think Instagram meets QVC) selling her handmade goods and it has completely changed her business. Not only has she made thousands of dollars thanks to her Live Markets, she’s gained a deeper connection, built trust, and had SO MUCH fun with her customers on Instagram. She now teaches other makers how to do the same!

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