Each month, Tyler sits down with an industry expert for an masterclass interview. We'll cover topics from social media to branding, pricing to sales, copywriting to graphic design, and more!

April 2019 | Tyler McCall | Launching on Instagram + Our Latest Launch Debrief

During this 90 minute training - that Tyler delivered to members of his Business By Design Bonus Experience (get on the waitlist for Business By Design NOW, the doors are opening in August, at - you’ll learn more about the latest launch of the Follower to Fan Society AND Tyler will walk you through a strategy for launching products or services online using Instagram. This is a great training to compliment The Insta-Income Blueprint (available here:


February 2019 | Gwen Lane | Content Creation

Gwen is the blogger and influencer behind the blog The LA Girl. Her mission is to inspire discovery in the city of LA and around the world, and to build a community of LA girls that get together and give back. She also teaches influencers how to monetize and increase their impact.

Gwen and Tyler are collaborating to create a new membership called Social Sweetie, for all the Insta-partners that provide support.

You can find Gwen here:

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Sarajane Case is a writer, coach and speaker based in Asheville, NC. She works with women wanting to build the life of their dreams from right where they are. She does this through her membership community - Brave Collective as well as through her work with the enneagram. She has two podcasts Brave Radio & Enneagram & Coffee and would love to be your friend on Instagram at either @sarajanecase or @enneagramandcoffee.

In her free webinar "Harness the Magic of Your Enneagram Type" she walks you through the basics of the enneagram, how to determine your type and share ways to work with your type to be who you want to be in the world! Check it out here!

You can find Sarajane here:

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december 2018 | jenny melrose | getting sponsored on instagram

Jenny is a former reading specialist who "retired" from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee and many more. The unique pitching process she developed for working with brands, transformed an empty editorial calendar into one that was completely booked months in advance. Now, she's combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience working with brands to help other bloggers do the same via and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose.

Whether you want to work with brands big or small, the Pitch Perfect "Cheat Sheet" shows you how to get noticed and get SIGNED! Grab it here!

You can find Jenny here:

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november 2018 | lauren carnes | refining Your Brand Voice

With a background in public relations and social media marketing, Lauren has always been a lover of telling great stories. For 6 years she worked alongside international brands including Nike, Airstream, the John Maxwell Company and Chick-fil-A in defining unique elements of their stories and serving as their brand voice through digital, print, and in-person engagements. After launching a photography business in May 2014, Lauren began focusing on merging photography with marketing by coaching creative and food-based businesses on aligning imagery and communications strategy. Outside the office, she can be found cooking and exploring new cities with her husband, Chip, and their fur-baby, Sophie.

Get access to a step-by-step recipe for honing in on your Instagram brand voice to get confident in your content and create consistent captions & Instagram Stories that feel oh so "you!" In this guide you'll discover your key content categories & how to infuse your signature personality into everything you create... eliminating awkward digital moments, self-doubt, and the feeling of needing to hide from your screen forever. Grab it here!

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James Wedmore hasn’t just been teaching video marketing to boldly ambitious online entrepreneurs for the past 9 years—he’s been doing it himself for even longer. Armed with a degree from one of the top 10 film schools in the country, James has built a seven-figure business helping entrepreneurs leverage the (SERIOUS) power of online video and YouTube with such courses and programs like Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School. Starting in 2016, he massively shifted his focus to the big, glaring gap in the marketplace: the mindset of entrepreneurs. He launched a podcast (Mind Your Business) and a new signature program (Business By Design) to help other content creators, authors and coaches make their mark online and leave an impression that LASTS. James also curates a high-level mastermind called The Inner Circle. And if you need a little name droppin’, James has been featured on sites you’ve probably heard of, like, Rise to the Top, and Mixergy, and taught as an instructor on CreativeLive. The bottom line? Building a multiple seven-figure business he runs with his smarty pants wife, Chelsea, has given him the financial freedom to do exactly what he wants (even when that means watching entirely too many reruns of How I Met Your Mother.) His mission is simple: show business owners how to make serious cash doing what they’re good at, so all work and no play becomes all work is play. Learn more from James in his free video training series - The Rise of the Digital CEO - available now at

You can find James here:

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Liz White helps entrepreneurs tap into their intuition, create a life they're totally obsessed with, and run a business that allows them to have it all. Catch her on Instagram and tune in to her podcast Money Making Maven where she dives in to all things money, mindset, and magic.

Take the quiz to discover your Money Manifestation Archetype:

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AUGUST 2018 | HALEY BUrKHEAD | productivity

Haley helps women scale their online businesses using profit-focused productivity. She runs a wildly popular membership site called The Profit Planner Lounge where she uses quarterly profit plans and CEO strategies to make more money effortlessly. She's an audio junkie who also hosts her own podcast, The Profit Planner Podcast. Every Monday episodes are released on systems, strategy, and sales.

Transform your business with profit focused productivity inside the Profit Planner lounge for a 7-day $1 trial. With Haley you can craft your profit plan which will break down that big, dreamy revenue goal in your head to a color-coded calendar that maps out what your day to day looks like in order to make that revenue goal inevitable. Get your trail here!

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july 2018 | dannie lynn fountain | SEO

Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing strategist and whip-smart whiskey drinker. Currently working at Google, Dannie honed her skills working in marketing for brands such as Whirlpool and H&R Block. She has a combined 9 years experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. Today, she works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic marketing processes to better their business and increase their sales. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of four books on entrepreneurship and a regular speaker on strategy worldwide. Her work has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, and more.

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Joey Vitale is an attorney for thriving small businesses. With his law firm, Indie Law, Joey works with creative small business owners to protect their passions and give them the legal foundation they need to thrive. Indie Law offers innovative year-long plans, flat-fee packages, consultation sessions, and educational webinars. With these services, Joey focuses on the legal issues that matter most to creatives: business formation, trademarks, copyrights, and contracts. While based in Chicago, Indie Law serves business owners all over the country.

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may 2018 | meagan williamson | pinterest

Meagan is a Pinterest consultant, blogger, and influencer. Meagan first started using Pinterest in 2011. Since that initial beta email from Ben Silbermann and the Pinterest Team, Meagan has collected over 20,000 ideas on her Pinterest account. Many business owners recognize the importance of Pinterest but don’t know where to start, how to improve their account, or how to strategically manage it for growth. Through her work with small and big accounts, Meagan has created a system of methods that help grow Pinterest accounts in an authentic manner that drives traffic.

Meagan has created a wonderful and quick Pinterest account checklist that guides you through a fast self-audit to direct areas of improvement. This checklist list allows you to easily identify what areas of account need some love! Once you have cleaned things up and optimized your account, you are positioning yourself for growth and will appeal to the Pinterest search gods! Check it out HERE.

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Jessica Freeman is an award-winning graphic and web designer, and video consultant, enabling service-based business owners to have a solid online presence through strategy, design, and video. Outside of designing, she also loves producing for her YouTube channel. Jess lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Aaron, and their dog, Morgan.

Jessica has also created a bonus for you! Often, the hardest part of getting started on YouTube is wondering WHAT to talk about. Well, wonder no more – here are 30 video ideas specifically for business owners to jumpstart their channel. Grab it HERE!

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march 2018 | brittany berger | content marketing

I'm Brittany, the content unicorn. 🦄 I've been running content marketing for startups and small businesses for 7 years. And you know something about startups and small businesses? They don't have a lot of time or money for content marketing. I had to get pretty damn crafty. 😉 I learned how to squeeze as much as possible out of every word written, every graphic created, and every vid published. If there was a day I didn't need to create new content, I wasn't going to create new content. I just kept optimizing and repurposing what I knew already worked until it ran out of steam. And doing that for 7 years has built me some crazy content productivity. Now I help unicorn entrepreneurs like you make your content pop and perform better.Brittany created a special bonus - you can grab it HERE!

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Christine Blubaugh is a copywriter that helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs attract the clients they dream of with copy that shows off their REAL personalities and persuades readers to say YES to their products and services. Her style of copywriting is all about getting inside the minds of your dream clients and telling stories that stand out, to build a brand that captures the hearts of your audience. It’s about letting readers fall in love with you and your work so that your offers sell themselves.

Watch to learn more about writing sales copy that converts, how to get started with copywriting, what to do when you feel stuck with creating content, and Christine's five steps for killer copy. Christine has also created a special bonus for you - you can grab it HERE!

You can find Christine online here:


JANUARY 2018 | KAY FABELLA | storytelling

Kay Fabella is The Story Finder - a storyteller, copywriter, and brand builder based in Madrid, Spain. She helps her clients and students tell stories and pivot with purpose as they grow their businesses and brands. 

Watch to learn more about the power of using story as part of your marketing, how to craft your own brand story, and easy tips for storytelling through your presence online. Kay has also created a special bonus for you - grab it HERE!

You can find Kay online here:


DECEMBER 2017 | SARAJANE CASE | goal setting

Sarajane Case is a writer, coach for badass women, and speaker based in Asheville, NC. She believes that you have everything you need available to you, that life is meant to be lived and lived well, and that pursuing your goals should be fun. Sarajane says, "it's my pleasure to help you put the puzzle pieces of your life and goals together so that you can serve yourself and others better!" Sarajane is also the creator of Journey Books - a day planner subscription program.

Watch to learn more about setting goals you can achieve, getting into alignment with your goals and objectives, adjusting your business when things start to go wrong, and getting shit done - even when you don't feel like it! Sarajane also created a special bonus for you - grab it HERE!

You can find Sarajane online here:


NOVEMBER 2017 | JEFF MINDELL | content creation

Jeff Mindell is a Los Angeles-based photographer, content creator, and lifestyle influencer. He's the lead photographer for Studio DIY - a creative lifestyle company in charge of making life a PARTY - and he's worked with dozens of brands, including Dunkin' Donuts, American Express, Crate and Barrel, Gap, Fossil, method home, Starbucks, Target, West Elm, and Sugarfina.

Watch to learn more about how Jeff got his start as a lifestyle influencer, what it means to be a content creator, how he plans and creates his content online, how he uses Instagram Stories, and the importance of taking online relationships off the internet.

You can find Jeff online here: