Each month, Tyler goes LIVE with three members of The Society during one 90-minute call filled with one-on-one coaching, feedback, support, and Q&A.

These hot seats are included with your membership in The Society. 

During the 90-minute call, Tyler coaches three members for 30 minutes each.

While the coaching on the call is directed toward three individuals at a time, all members of The Society are encouraged to join the calls and listen in - some of the best learning you can experience is by paying attention to the advice given to others!

Can't tune in live? Don't worry! We record our calls and post them here for you!

You can sign up for a hot seat, listen live, and access recordings at the links below.


The hot seat call for Q3 & Q4 of 2019 is...

  • THURS, JULY 18 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT

  • THURS, AUGUST 22 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT

  • THURS, SEPTEMBER 5 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT

  • THURS, OCTOBER 24 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT

  • THURS, NOVEMBER 21 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT

  • THURS, DECEMBER 5 at 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT


You can join the live hot seat call each month - even if you're not the one in the hot seat. Actually, we encourage it! Listening in on a hot seat call is an amazing way to learn more about marketing your business and support your fellow members of the Follower to Fan Society.

Our calls are hosted by Zoom. You can click the button below to join a call. You can access Zoom from your computer and mobile device; so, feel free to join a call on the road or while you're out and about!

When joining from a computer, Zoom will prompt you to turn on your camera and mic. You're welcome to join us on camera (I'd love to see your face); but, your mic will be silenced unless you're the person in the hot seat!

If you're in the hot seat, please log on a few minutes early to make sure Zoom is running properly on your computer. We get started right at the scheduled time. So, if you're late, you'll lose your spot!

And, just in case you need it, our Zoom ID is 3679394830.



You can access the hot seat call archive at the link below.