instagram boost POSTS

Instagram Boost Posts are the perfect way to get added engagement on your latest post. That increased engagement can lead to even more exposure for your content through hashtags, locations, and Instagram's built in search feature.

Our Boost Posts go down in our private Members Only Facebook Group and joining in the fun is super simple.


Here's how we run our Instagram Boost Days...

  1. Three times a day, a BOOST POST will go live in our private Facebook Group (check out the schedule below) where you can share your LATEST INSTAGRAM FEED POST (you may NOT share IGTV videos - only posts from your Instagram Feed). That Boost Post is active for one hour and one hour only.

  2. After sharing your post, you MUST go to every Instagram post that's shared during that hour-long period (whether it's before or after your post) and LIKE and COMMENT on that post ON INSTAGRAM WITHIN ONE HOUR OF DROPPING YOUR POST. After you have LIKED and COMMENTED on each post on Instagram, like the post in the Facebook Group so we know you followed through.

  3. You should like and comment on each post as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to engaging on Instagram.

  4. At the end of the hour, the post is closed and no future posts may be added; however, you must STILL complete the process of liking and commenting on EVERY post shared on that Boost Post.

  5. To BEST optimize your boost, we encourage you to post on Instagram at the beginning of the Boost Hour - that engagement on a brand new post will help elevate the content in hashtags and locations on Instagram.

  6. If you can NOT commit to liking AND commenting on every post within one hour of sharing your post, you should NOT participate in that boost post.

  7. You may ONLY SHARE ONE POST PER BOOST hour - you may not share multiple posts for you and/or accounts you manage during the boost.

  8. You may ONLY SHARE ONE POST ONCE - you may NOT share the same post multiple times across multiple boost posts.

  9. If you fail to like and comment on ALL of the posts shared during the Boost Hour, you may be prevented from participating in future Boost Days.

  10. Have questions about Instagram Boost Posts? Email!

boost schedule

Sunday-Saturday 10am ET/9am CT/8am MT/7am PT
Sunday-Saturday 2pm ET/1pm CT/12pm MT/11am PT
Sunday-Saturday 6pm ET/5pm CT/4pm MT/3pm CT