Grow an audience online,
turn them into raving fans,
and sell more than ever before.


Are you sick and tired of guessing how to market your biz online using instagram?

I feel ya, my friend!

You’ve wasted countless hours and plenty of money trying to figure out how to get more customers or clients on the internet.

There’s the courses that are outdated the moment you buy them, the mailing lists clogging up your inbox, a week’s worth of free webinars you never attended, half a dozen five-day challenges you didn’t have time to get to, and the Facebook Groups - oh good lord the Facebook Groups - that you joined to piece together a marketing plan.

I've got some good news and some bad news for ya.

Let's start with the bad...


All of that precious, precious time that you want to use for creating and making and serving and coaching and leading (ya know, doing what you really LOVE to do) goes to researching how to market your business. And who knows if that research is even legit?!

But, here's the thing: you're not trying to be a professional marketer! You don't NEED to be a pro marketer. You don't wanna be Insta-famous or have 100,000 followers or chase those vanity metrics like more likes and more follows.

You WANT to be a creative - an artist, a maker, a photographer, a thought leader, a coach, or a designer. You want to work with your dream clients and sell to your dream customers and MAKE MONEY in the process.

You're ready to spend more time doin' what you love AND #LivingYourBestLife.

Ready for the good news?


Just imagine having the tools - the education, resources, and support - you need to market your business online with ease - no more guessing, no more piecing things together, no more wondering if it will even work, and no more wasting time doing #AllTheThings with nothin' to prove for it.

No more trying to figure out what to post or how to get your followers to buy your products or book your services. Struggling through picking the perfect hashtags? That's a thing of the past! 

You’d never have to research the latest Instagram update or the new Facebook feature again. No more cries for help into some random Facebook Group you joined out of desperation during one of your 1am Facebook scroll sessions. 


Just imagine how it would feel to…


Your marketing on social media has to lead to
more fans and more sales.

If it doesn't - it's a waste of time. And you, my friend, don't have time to waste!

You deserve the education, resources, and support you need to market your creative biz online. You shouldn't have to spend your time guessing and trial-and-erroring your way to a marketing strategy that works.

That's why You need the Follower to Fan Society 


The Follower to Fan Society is the place to be for the education, resources, and support you need to market your creative business online. You'll finally have all of the tools you need in one place.

placeit (1).png

This online community gives you access to the Follower to Fan Framework - my tested, proven, and fool-proof step-by-step system for building a following online and turning them into raving fans - in addition to monthly content guides to help you plan your posts, regular masterclasses with industry experts, monthly hot seat calls, monthly challenges, an engaging and supportive Facebook community, and the ongoing help you need to implement what you learn.

I created the Follower to Fan Society because I believe building a community of raving fans online - people who know you, what you do, and why you do it - is key to growing your business.

And, I believe social media is the best tool for building that community.

I’m going to teach you how to get the right kind of followers, create content that converts, show up online in a genuine way, and turn those followers into raving fans who are passionate about you and what you do. 

Here's what Your Membership Includes...

 full access to the Follower to Fan Framework

full access to the
Follower to Fan Framework

  All Current + Future online Training Courses

All Current + Future
online Training Courses

  Monthly Content Guides + Editorial Calendars

Monthly Content Guides
+ Editorial Calendars

  Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls

Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls

  Monthly Masterclasses

Monthly Masterclasses

  Monthly member challenges

Monthly member challenges

  Instagram Boost Days

Instagram Boost Days

 Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

  Special Bonuses + Surprises

Special Bonuses + Surprises


Let's be honest...

The last thing you need is another Instagram course that’s outdated the moment you click buy.



And you probably don’t need another stock photography membership.

And you definitely don't need ANOTHER Instagram handbook or a bunch of fill-in-the-blank captions that hundreds of people in your industry are using. 

what you need is a step-by-step system for marketing your business so you can STAND OUT - once and for all.

You can do this - YES YOU - it's not as complicated as everyone else has made it sound, look, and feel. You can create content with ease, knowing it's what your followers want from you. You can plan and post on Instagram and Facebook without the stress of coming up with the photo and caption in the moment. You can use tools like live Instagram Stories and Facebook Live and email marketing to grow your business.

Those aren't things that THEY get to use - these are tools that YOU get to use!

What you need is a place to access proven and tested trainings, actionable and effective resources, and
world class support to guide you along the way.

Because, let's be honest, trying to market your biz without any help or support hasn’t worked as well as you'd hoped up until this point, so why would you keep going it alone?

Enough is enough! Your business deserves more.

YOU deserve more.

With the Follower to Fan Society, you'll finally know what to do, how to do it, and you'll start seeing real results. Your membership gives you access to relevant and up-to-date education through online trainings, regularly created resources that take the guesswork out of what to post on social media, and a community of creative entrepreneurs who will support you along the way. 



When you join the Follower to Fan Society,
you’ll get instant access to all of this:

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The Follower to Fan Framework

My step-by-step, proven, tested, and fool-proof system for building a following using Instagram and Facebook and converting those followers into raving fans. You'll unlock the first eight modules of the framework - when you join today - you'll learn how to Get Follower and Get Likes online - with more modules coming online in early-2018.

Artboard 11 copy-100.jpg

All Current + Future Training Courses

We’re building out a full library of video trainings that walk you through using Instagram and Facebook with intention. And you'll have access to all of 'em. The best part? They’ll be updated as Instagram and Facebook changes! No more guessing how to use the latest feature or wondering if it'll work for you.

Artboard 11 copy 2-100.jpg

Monthly Content Guides + Editorial Calendars

Filled with holidays, consumer spending habits, monthly prompts, and a fill-in-the-blank posting schedule, this is the only tool you’ll need to create your content with ease, each and every month. Buh bye guess work and hello more time to do what you love - create, make, teach, craft, design, or coach.

Artboard 11 copy 3-100.jpg

Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls

Let me get my hands dirty and help you out! Each month, I'll coach three individual society members through marketing their business online during this live 90-minute call. You can listen in on each call to get support in marketing your biz. And, don't worry, they're recorded so you can listen to them over-and-over again.

Artboard 11 copy 4-100.jpg

Monthly Masterclasses

I believe you should be taught by the best of the best, that’s why the Follower to Fan Society gives you access to a new masterclass each month with a industry-leading expert. We'll cover topics like goal-setting, video, using story to market, Facebook Ads, Pinterest, email marketing, copywriting, and more. 

Artboard 11 copy 5-100.jpg

A Supportive Online Community

Me and you are building something pretty special, my friend! Our private Facebook Group is the perfect place to connect with one another, ask questions, get answers, and discover the motivation you need to keep growing your business online.

Artboard 11 copy 6-100.jpg
Artboard 11 copy 7-100.jpg

monthly challenges

This community isn't just about learning - it's about taking action! Each month, our team designs a 5-day challenge for our members that's focused on getting you results FAST. These challenges are fun, easy to implement, and included with your membership!

Instagram Boost Days

As a member of the Follower to Fan Society, you'll have access to exclusive members’ only Instagram Boost Days to get your content in front of more people online. 

Artboard 11 copy 8-100.jpg

Special Bonuses

As our community grows, we’ll add exciting bonuses and surprises like meet-ups, freebies from my friends in the industry, discounts on my favorite software and tools, and live events. But, you've gotta be a member for the fun stuff!

Tyler J. McCall Round Headshot.png

Wait, who are you?

Hey, I'm Tyler!

I help entrepreneurs use Instagram with intention to grow their business. I'm an Instagram and social media marketer, coach, and strategist for creatives and, for nearly three years, I’ve taught thousands of creatives, artists, makers, and small business owners how to use Instagram and social media with intention to build a following online and turn their followers into raving fans.

Drawing on nearly 10 years of marketing, training, and community-building experience, I know how to foster relationships online, move an audience to action, and teach others how to do the same - that’s what you’ll learn in the Follower to Fan Society.



but, don't just take my word for it...

Caitlin Headshot.png
Tyler is one of the few Instagram marketers out there who “get” what Instagram is all about. While most folks will blather on about tactics to grow your following, Tyler will show you how to engage and profit from the community you already have. If you want an audience as loyal and obsessed with YOUR brand as Tyler’s is about him, then sign up immediately!”
— Caitlin bacher, facebook groups strategist
My following has increased 
by 30%, my engagement has creativity 
is through the roof!
— Megan lively, social media manager
I’ve been only been posting on Instagram for 5 weeks now with just 150 followers, and have gotten two new clients! That may not seem like a lot to anyone else - it’s huge to me!”
— annakate auten, brand designer
The Follower to Fan Society is like Instagram Xanax! No, seriously — it’s taken the edge off completely. I’ve learned a lot of principles and techniques that immediately changed my focus. My Instagram engagement has increased by almost 40% — 37.8% increase in overall engagement, 29.8% increase in likes, and 130.7% increase in comments. Whaaaattt?!?!
— Candice coppola, wedding planner/business coach/author
Christine Headshot.png
After implementing the Follower to Fan Framework for one month, I’ve gained 118 new followers and my engagement is up 42%! Tyler and everyone in the group are so supportive and encouraging - it’s like a love-fest of Instagram goodness. Plus the content is insanely useful - not a bunch of fluffy BS that won’t be worth the investment. Tyler actually cares about the success of his students, is always answering questions, and has devoted himself to knowing a f*ck ton about this platform.
— christine blubaugh, copywriter for solopreneurs
Alex Headshot.png
Before the Follower to Fan Society, I was posting consistently and growing my following organically but was attracting other designers instead of potential clients. Since joining, my engagement has improved and I am more confident about who my ideal customer is and how to speak to them on Instagram. I honestly wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I have from Tyler since I’ve been marketing my business on Instagram for so long, but I still learn something new from him every day!
— Alex Cottles, Graphic Designer for Creative Entrepreneurs
I never thought I would get paid to write; but, in just 2 months since joining the Follower to Fan Society, I’ve gotten 4 paid writing jobs. And, they all found me on Instagram. I know we all get caught up in the numbers game and thinking only bigger is better; but, the reality is when they approached me I had less than 1,000 followers. It’s not about how many followers you have but what kind of consistent content you’re putting out there.
— hafsa hasan, blogger
Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 8.53.21 PM.png
Tyler is my go-to for Instagram advice. He has done something that not many of the other big Instagram teachers have - he’s built his business by building a genuine community using Instagram. So many of the ones that I know of built their business first and brought their audience to Instagram with them. The greatest benefit I have seen from working with Tyler is the way he is always on top of new features. He is the first one to figure out how to use them to build community on Instagram and turn that community into clients.


+ So, wait a sec, is this a course or a training or mastermind or a membership or what?

Okay, look, I know there are so many different ways out there for you to learn how to market your business online. There are one-off courses (that, let's be honest, are probably outdated by the time you buy them because social media is #alwayschanging), free and paid summits, small-group programs, one-on-one coaching...all the things. The Follower to Fan Society combines the best parts of everything into a membership community. That guarantees you get fresh, new content every single month AND support along the way.

+ do you only talk about instagram?

Not at all! We START with Instagram since it's the most engaging social media platform AND it's where you're hanging out everday, anyway! The Follower to Fan Framework teaches you how to use Instagram with intention to build a community online AND how to move those followers OFF of Instagram so you can sell to them over-and-over again. We cover Instagram (including Instagram Stories and Live), Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, email marketing, and more.

+ Is Instagram really THAT important?

Oh Instagram really THAT important? How dare you?! Just kidding!!! Listen, I get it, Instagram can be overwhelming AF and I'm sure there as many folks are out there saying it just doesn't work for business as there are saying it DOES work for business. But, the numbers do not lie! Instagram now boasts over 25 MILLION businesses on the platform AND over 80% of Instagram's users (there's 800+ million of 'em, by the way) follow businesses on the platform. AND, Instagram is one of the LAST social media platforms that allows users to build a community without spending money on ads. It's the bee's knees, y'all!

+ This sounds great; BUT, what will i really learn? Like, what's the curriculum? Show me the syllabus!

OMG did you love syllabus day in college as much as I did?! The Follower to Fan Framework is based on my experience of marketing businesses and brands and creating communities online for nearly 10 years (with over two years of that being focused on Instagram). You'll learn how to Define Your Audience, Clarify Your Objectives, Tell Your Story, Create Compelling Content, Craft a Visual Identity, Utilize a Brand Voice, Grow Your Following, Engage with Intention, Create a Sales Funnel, Using Video in Marketing, Convert Your Followers to Fans, and get started with email marketing and Facebook Groups.

+ What about using stuff like Pinterest or Youtube to market my biz?

Great question! You’ll learn my entire system for building an audience online and turning them into raving fans - and that stuff is applicable to ANY social media platform. We’ll also be focusing on the specifics of Instagram and Facebook because that’s what most folks are using anyway. BUT, we’ll cover other platforms through monthly masterclasses taught by expert guest instructors.

+ The last thing I have right now is time for something like this - should I join?

YES! Not only should you join, you need to join - let me tell you why. I’d imagine that being short on time comes from either hustling harder than you’d like because you don’t have enough customers or clients to keep you afloat OR you’re wasting so much time trying to piece together how to market your business that you’re exhausted. Um, hello, have you heard of the Follower to Fan Society? Our goal here is to solve BOTH of those problems - giving you a one-stop shop for learning how to market your biz online AND teaching you how to do it in a way that gets you more customers or clients. Oh, and did I mention that my whole entire focus when it comes to marketing is doing it with intention - that means purposeful strategies that do not waste your time and that do get you results.

+ I just want more followers on Instagram - will you help me get ‘em?

Hmmm...I mean, kinda sorta. But, the focus here isn’t on getting more followers. If you’re goal is to be Insta-famous, you should probably move along. The strategies I teach and my approach in The Society is all about building a loyal and engaged following of the right people - people you can turn into fans who tell the world about you and what you do. One hundred engaged followers will always mean more than 100,000 followers who don’t like your content, know who you are, or want to buy what you’re selling.

+ But, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Is there a way around that?

No worries, my friend - we've thought of you! You can pay for a year and get 3+ months FREE. Or, you can sign up for a lifetime membership - you'll NEVER have to pay again AND you’ll get a FREE VIP welcome call with yours truly!


Cancel any time!

There’s no commitment or contract when you join the Follower to Fan Society.
If what we’ve created isn’t
meeting your needs, you can cancel at any time.


Join TODAY and get the education, resources, and support you need to grow your business.

Here's what some of our current members are saying...

Join today and get instant access...



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  • The Follower to Fan Framework
  • Monthly Content Guides + Calendars
  • Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls
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  • Monthly Challenges
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instagram Boost Days
  • Special Bonuses + Surprises
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  • The Follower to Fan Framework
  • Monthly Content Guides + Calendars
  • Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Instagram Boost Days
  • Special Bonuses + Surprises
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